Trade History (blockchain)


With this service, we offer RannForex clients a unique openness in the company. Often traders come up with a logical question whether the broker can delete or alter trades retroactively to illegally take away the client’s profit. Unfortunately, this is not just possible but also often done by shady companies. Clients’ concerns in this matter are legitimat.

RannForex has never changed the trading history of its clients and not going to do so. To assure that our clients' trades would not be changed retroactively, AMTS Solutions - software developer for brokers - has developed a service to keep all trades on the blockchain where every client can find required order.

In case you are not familiar with the topic, we will share a few important features that made blockchain technology so popular. Blockchain is a distributed database stored in multiple computers around the globe. We will not talk too much about it and if you would like to know more, you can use an unlimited number of videos and articles on the Internet. Briefly, we can say that this database cannot be falsified. You can be sure that your order will not disappear from this database. If you disagree, you need to learn the basics of blockchain technology.

Find your order

Now about the service and how it works. To find your order on the blockchain, you need to know its hash. In this form, you can type in the order's number and get opening hash and closing hash. Then follow the links to see them directly on the blockchain. Note that under some conditions request prices in MetaTrader and Blockchain may differ. For example, while using some Trading Settings. Order tracking started on Nov 19, 2018.


Find hash

Links open in a browser allowing you to view blockchain contracts. You can use your own blockchain browser or download the complete database to your computer. All blockchain connection settings are listed below.

Blockchain connection settings

Our blockchain network created on Ethereum. Anyone can synchronize a node with a private blockchain network at:


To initialize blockchain use settings from the following json file:


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