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  Don’t think that the Forex industry is a pot of gold -- a lot of startups don’t even manage to bring onboard 100 clients in a year. And don’t believe the tales you might hear about millions of clients. On this page, you’ll see the real statistics for one Forex startup. The list of criteria for which statistics will be provided will be expanding.

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General Statistics


Trading Accounts


With a Positive Balance

€ 1,918,352

Total Deposit

€ 2,825

Average Deposit


Trading Accounts

  • Accounts opened :2
  • First deposit :0
  • Accounts deposited to :1
  • Accounts withdrawn from :0
  • Sum deposited :€ 149
  • Sum withdrawn :€ 0
  • Net deposit/withdrawal :€ 149


  • Profit / Loss :€ -13
  • Commission :€ -4
  • Swaps :€ 2
  • Floating profit / losses :€ -113,528
  • Number of closed positions :113
  • Number of open positions :1,562
  • Trading volumes ($) :$ 4,900

For the Current Month

The statistics for the current month are shown for days on which trading has closed. For the current month, there are not yet any closed trading days. You can see the statistics for previous months below.


Previous periods

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