Tick history

Here you can download tick history for all trading instruments. Tick history is available for the last 14 days period. Tick archive is available since Feb 26, 2018.

From April 2023, MT4 ticks are not available.

Note: Tick history is downloadable within +/- 5 minutes of selected time. Tick archive is available daily for the selected date and instrument. Demo and live account ticks can differ due to filtration parameters and snapshotability.

For developers: Tick archive is freely available at https://rannforex.com/static/ticks_archive/<file_name>.csv.zip. File name consists the symbol and the date. Exampl https://rannforex.com/static/ticks_archive/EURUSD.rann_20180309.csv.zip contains archive of EURUSD.rann for March 9, 2018. Therefore, archive downloading can be automated.

ThirdPartryTickscan be used to test trading advisors on such tick history in MT5. The script is free and offered to us by fxsabertrader. The script can be utilized in the terminal or MQL editor.

Search in the terminal:

Search in the editor:

A way to view ticks in MQL5 is shown hereand visually in the tester – here. Tick table with export possibility (e.g. into MT4) included in MT5 by default - CTRL+U

Use MT4Orders to test MT4 trading advisors in MT5.




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